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Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosiois the official Brand Ambassador of the new international LASCANA campaign YOUR WORLD. YOUR RULES.

In its new YOUR WORLD. YOUR RULES global campaign , swimwear and lingerie brand LASCANA celebrates feminine strength and assertiveness with international supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio.

Hamburg, 26April 2018

Sarah Rissen, Head of Multi-Channel Marketing for LASCANA, is thrilled about the new cooperation with international top model Alessandra Ambrosio, whose fame willhelp boost LASCANA’s entrance into the American market, which has already taken place.“During production, Alessandra made it clear that she would only promote things she was 100% convinced of. With Alessandra Ambrosio,we have found the perfect messenger for our new campaign YOUR WORLD. YOUR RULES. To us, Alessandra stands for independence and effortlessly combines the roles of mother and career woman while celebrating her femininity. We are inspired by Alessandra’s strong personality and believe she perfectly embodies the spirit of our new campaign.”

Through its brand slogan IT’S A WOMAN’S WORLD, LASCANA has for years identified with the needs and demands of modern women. The new “YOUR WORLD. YOUR RULES.” campaign takes this attitude a step further. In the new campaign, LASCANA is represented by Alessandra Ambrosio, a womanwho gracefully balances success and femininity.The new campaign offers provocative slogans designed to inspire modern women to feel more confident about their success and sex appeal, including,“You can wear anything you stand for”or “What am I wearing underneath? Character.”Alessandra hopes that the new campaign will inspire women to live by their own personal rules“instead of following other people’s rules of life.” As she put it,“A woman who loves herself is happy and self-confident about it and can actively share this joy with others.”

Alessandra Ambrosio’s success as both a business woman and style icon perfectly align with LASCANA’s new brand approach. As a mere teenager, Ambrosio launched her career,modelling for renowned international fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire and was sought after and promoted by the world’s most influential fashion designers. With a lot of hard work, discipline and a positive attitude, Ambrosio has become the influential fashion icon that she is today. More than 16 million international fans follow her across her social networks.

As a swimwear and lingerie brand, LASCANA aimsto inspire women to always enjoy the moment, feeling confident and self-assured without letting their femininity and sensuality fade into the background. As Alessandra Ambrosio said, “The most important thing about swimwear is to feel good wearing it and to highlight the features you like about your body.”

The latest umbrella campaign with Alessandra Ambrosio was developed by SERVICE PLAN and photographed in Malibu, California by New York photographer Tim Petersen under the creative management of Christian Sommer (Service plan.)The accompanying TV spot was produced by SERVICE PLAN in cooperation with Munich-based production company NEVEREST.


LASCANA – It’s a woman’s world is a brand brought to the US from Europe specializing in swimwear, lingerie and clothing. Backed by over a decade of retail experience in Europe, LASCANA launched its US online shop early in 2017 with the mission to inspire the American woman to look and feel fabulous in her own body.

LASCANA is the ultimate destination for shopping cutting-edge swimwear, beautiful light clothing and sensual lingerie specially developed by women for women. We at LASCANA are committed to creating high quality and great fitting collections ranging from sizes 0 to 24 and cups AA to G to suit every woman’s needs.

The corporate headquarters and fulfillment warehouse of LASCANA USA is based in Florida, an area recognized for its trendy swimwear and beach fashion. LASCANA USA offers a wide variety of styles inspired by and suited for the warm weather and sunny beaches of Florida and beyond.

LASCANA –It’s a woman’s world stands for the perfect fusion of sensuality and competence

WELCOME LASCANA TO SWIM WEEK 2018 – We are pleased to announce that the German international luxury swimwear brand Lascana, will have their American debut feature runway show with Planet Fashion this summer July 14th 2018 at Miami Swimwear Fashion Week, better known as Swim Week.

Lascana, has a corporate motto; It’s A Woman’s World, it shows their support of strong women and the female spirit. Lascana was created in 2002 in Germany and has quickly become well known globally as a European brand specializing in swimwear, lingerie, and clothing. Now with over a decade of retail experience, the brand has launched their U.S. website. Bringing about their mission to inspire women worldwide to look and feel fabulous within her own body.

Planet Fashion TV believes in Lascana’s commitment to creating stunning, high quality, and affordable collections. Their inclusive sizes range from 0 to 24, where every woman can find her new great-fitting and favorite piece.

Lascana- It’s A Woman’s World stands for the perfect fusion of sensuality and competence. Planet Fashion TV welcomes them aboard Miami Swim Week 2018.


Planet Fashion is thrilled to announce that the Miami-based swimwear line, Risque Dukes, will be making its debut at the Planet Fashion Swim Weekend in 2018

The vibrant and colorful line was launched in 2013 by owner Mercedes Dericho. She’s a fashion designer with a heart having bravely dedicated herself to military service as well as actively participating in charitable service.

The Risque Duke line is Inspired by Dericho’s motto, “They’d rather be naked than wear anything else,” the company embodies bikinis that exude personality and flair. With designs emphasizing unique cuts and distinguishing patterns, Risque Dukes bikinis cannot help but stand out in a crowd.

A native of Miami, FL, owner Mercedes Dericho is a military veteran whom served active duty in the United Stated Army. After turning down the opportunity to work in the FBI in 2013, Dericho went from army veteran to successful fashion CEO. Her swimwear line has had massive success, participating in over 30 fashion shows and events, including two appearances in New York Fashion Week. You can catch the unique and colorful designs in music videos including Pitbull’s “Freedom,” movies including Ride Along (both 1 and 2), and TV series such as Ballers and South Beach Tow.

Planet Fashion Is Excited to Welcome the luxury beachwear brand Sauvage Swimwear to the 2018 Miami Swim Week.

Designed by Elizabeth Southwood, Sauvage uses the finest European fabric and trims to bring a couture like craftsmanship to swimwear.

Southwood works closely with Italian fabric companies to create stunning and uniquely engineered prints often adorned with Swarovski crystals.

The on-trend line is inspired by Southwood’s love of travel, architecture, shoes and jewelry.

The Sauvage woman is aspirational, and exudes luxury and a timeless elegance.

A celebrity favorite, Sauvage Swimsuits have been chosen and worn by celebrities and super models world wide, including: Candice Swanapoel, Rosie Huntington, Lady GaGa , Kate Upton, Gigi Hadid.

Every facet of the product development is handled at Sauvage Headquarters in San Diego, CA. The process starts with an inspiration, goes through design, testing, and manufacturing, all within the facility. Finished goods are then marketed, sold, and shipped from under the same roof. The Sauvage brand is based on the knowledge that the best way to produce a product is with integrity. The brand is set apart by their succinct development and manufacturing process. All garments are proudly designed and entirely made in the USA.

Designer Elizabeth Southwood is a San Diego, California native. With over a decade of design experience, Elizabeth continues to evolve her swimwear collection season after season, refining what it means to have swimwear that has sophisticated and sexy poolside glamour. From the vintage inspired swimwear prints dusted with Swarovski crystals, to the edgy excitement of plunging necklines accentuated with gold chains, Southwood’s 2019 swimwear collection pushes the boundaries of high fashion, delivering her signature mix of sex appeal and style.

Planet Fashion is pleased to announce that Kimimi Swimwear will be showing their new collection at the Planet Fashion Swim Weekend 2018.

Kimimi Swimwear is crafted with a woman’s individuality and exquisiteness in mind. Embodying and emphasizing feminine beauty, the line syndicates colors, styles, and patterns inspired by the natural beauty of the butterfly.

New York entrepreneur and fashion designer, Elizabeth Arthur, created the line to transform the woman that wears her pieces from ordinary to extraordinary. Through her passion for exquisite materials, united with outstanding attention to detail, Elizabeth has crafted a line that is both intricate and mesmerizing.

The name Kimimi (Sioux translation for a butterfly) was inspired by Elizabeth’s childhood on the beaches of Trinidad and Tobago, where she admired the beauty and individuality of the patterns on butterfly wings. As the designer and owner of Kimimi Swimwear, she takes inspiration from the splendor and femininity of the butterfly.

Today, Kimimi swimsuits are crafted to enhance the natural beauty of every woman who wears them. With a collection of one-piece bathing suits, bikinis, and monokinis comprised of colors, fabrics, silhouettes and embellishments, the mission of the collection is to prompt its own metamorphosis of women who slip their swimsuits on, much like the metamorphosis of the butterfly.

The fashion brand PARAMIDONNA was founded in 2015 in Bulgaria. The creations are exclusive and elegant, combining luxurious Italian fabrics, outstanding designs and unparalleled quality.

The brand proudly represents the magnetism and the confidence of the women. From the beach to a late night summer party, the PARAMIDONNA swimwear is perfect worn even beyond the beach. These classic swimsuits can easily be paired with day or night apparel.

The PARAMIDONNA team creates original designs and prints which is one of the differences that makes the brand exceptional. PARAMIDONNA collections are created in limited numbers and every piece is delicately constructed by the best tailors.

PARAMIDONNA is here to remind every woman how special and beautiful they are by wearing these designs, which are made above all with love and care.

About the designer:

PARAMIDONNA was created by the talented Bulgarian fashion designer Donika Ancheva. She established the brand in 2015 in Bulgaria. The young designer chose to follow her biggest dream and after successfully graduating in university with a master`s degree in Economics, she completed a prestigious fashion course in London “UAL: College Of Fashion”. This is when the idea for the fashion brand was born. Three years later, PARAMIDONNA is a major swimwear luxury brand in Bulgaria. The main goal for the designer is to make the brand popular all over the world.

Last Year Doug Barry introduced his unique brand of Americana swimwear, Nashbeach, to the world at Miami Swim Week at the SLS Hotel produced by Planet Fashion. This year Barry returns to show the expansion of his collection and design aesthetic.

Doug Barry describes himself as a renaissance man. The title certainly fits. He’s the designer of the up and coming swimwear line Nash Beach. But, he’s not only involved in fashion design, he’s a songwriter, performer, audio engineer, fashion photographer, visual artist, and mechanical engineer. Even computer technology is among his other passions. He is a true artist with a rare technical side.

His great-great-grandfather had a tailor shop in Germany which he later moved to Chicago in the late 1800’s. The brick building in uptown Chicago still exists today. Doug possesses items and material from this shop. This appreciation of handmade, high-quality clothing was passed down through generations.

During grade school, Doug began going to the fabric store with his mother to pick out the material for the clothing that would be custom made for him to wear. Later this led into drawing sketches of what he wanted the clothes to look like. By high school, Doug was sketching clothing of various types and following the fashion trends from the runway photos in the back of his sister’s magazines. This began a series of experimental, geometric based designs of women’s swimwear.

Doug’s father lived many years in Corpus Christi, TX not far from the beach. Visits to Padre Island and the various shops there influenced the clothing Doug wore daily. This later was an influence with the design sketches. Another influence involved Doug’s mother creating her own custom swimsuits for herself to wear. One of which still exists. These influences surfaced many years later when Doug moved to Nashville, TN and became involved in the local fashion scene as a photographer. The vision to connect Nashville style with international glamour was born in the midst of the many runway shows and after-parties Doug attended as a fashion photographer.

His line Nashbeach referring to Nashville is retro inspired. The 60’s influence comes from Doug’s love of all the vintage, especially James Bond movies. When trying to recreate those looks in the studio, Nashbeach was then born.

This year Planet Fashion is pleased to announce Nashbeach fashion show at Miami Swim Week July 14th.

NashBeach will be showing their 2019 collection.

The Mod Futura Collection:

This year marks a progression of the mod theme into what mod could look like in the future. The idea is to push mod into fresh creations, not simply recreations of the 60’s. The textiles and colors are cutting edge, using the latest technologies that allows the garment to become like a second skin. This emphasis is about comfort yet not compromising the look of the material. Many swimsuits of the 60’s where attempts to this balance but often the material was a limiting factor. Mod Futura is a collection of classic mod designs pushing the boundaries with current materials and styling.

Planet Fashion is excited to announce that the Australian label Lahana will be making it’s debut at Miami Swimwear Fashion Week better known as Swim Week, this July 14th at the Planet Fashion Runway Shows.

Lahana is more than a swimwear brand – its a gorgeous reflection of a lifestyle for fierce babes who want to feel and look their best. The line was founded in 2015 by sisters Ramana and Vrindy Benson. The duo saw a need in the market for fresh designs, Lahana Swim has been brought to life by a team who love and live Lahana. Customers are the company’s core, and Lahana babes worldwide continue to join their vibrant social media and collaborative movement.

Their glamour lies in their minimalistic aesthetic. They are inspired by Australia’s love affair with salt and skin. There is a natural beauty with a woman who wears Lahana. The goal of the design team is to make women feel flawless and carefree in luxurious fabrics, exotic tones and minimalistic designs featuring cheeky cuts that make a statement. The pieces are designed to make women feel like warriors; making heads turn in our fiercely bold pieces.

AOOC Swimwear

AOOC is an acronym for the Art Of Originality Clothing. The line was created in August 2014 by Jamaican designer, Chudney Jackson aka Chudney J.  AOOC is mainly swimwear but, features luxury resort wear and customized hand-crafted jewelry. The brand caters to a free spirit millennial demographic but has a chic aesthetic that is perfect for a mature clientele as well. The brand’s goal is to offer originality, quality and affordability

Raised in Negril Jamaica Chudney J. began creating swimwear for herself. She was exposed to European style and design from the diverse tourist population there. Her hand made pieces eventually grew in to a full collection and then a complete brand.

Planet Fashion is excited to welcome the AOOC Swimwear line to the 2018 Miami Swim Week. The AOOC Swimwear Fashion show will take place at the 5 star Loews Hotel on July 14th, 2018 at 7pm.

AOOC will be showing her Hibiscus Bomb collection.

Rêve de Rive

Launched in 2015 Rêve de Rive is inspired by the lifestyle of summer indulgence on the French and Italian Rivieras. The concept and mission of the brand is to design bikinis for unique individuals who enjoy luxury. The brand defines luxury as quality, distinction and sustainability of a brand’s performance.

Lauren Amelia Berteletti created Rêve de Rive with an intention of bringing a spirit of reform and innovation into the swimwear market.

The meaning behind the name of the quality swimwear brand, comes from Bertelleti’s love for the water. The name Rêve de Rive translates to  being next to water; whether it is by a lake, pool or the ocean. The essence of the brand and its  DNA is based on the European a la plage style. The brand is dedicated for the Riviera Chic client who likes to be bold yet classic.

With an echo-chic line that blends the luxurious fashion aesthetic with sustainability, Rêve de Rive crafts its swimwear with recycled materials from Italy. The brand manufactures in limited and exclusive batch quantities to ensure quality craftsmanship.

The Rêve de Rive Swimwear Fashion show will take place at the 5 star Loews Hotel on July 14th, 2018 at 8pm.

2018 Miami Swim Week is presented by Lamborghini Champagne

Planet Fashion the fashion media and events company is excited to produce the exclusive swimwear fashion week for the 7th year. The 2018 Miami Swim Week is to be presented by Lamborghini Champagne.  From the historic Estate of Ferrucio Lamborghini and managed by the acclaimed Italian wine maker Riccardo Cotarella, Lamborghini Champagne is part of an award winning ensemble of luxury wines imported by the 360 Global Wine Company.  With its distinctive gold and platinum bottles the brand is a celebrity favorite.  The Platinum Brut and Gold Brut are a glamorous addition to Miami Swim Week.

Swim Week will be held at the 5 star Loews Hotel Miami Beach. The iconic Loews Hotel in South Beach’s vibrant Art Deco district is a perfect home for the chic fashion event having recently finished a $50 million renovation. An oceanfront haven, the hotel is a mixture of minimalistic chic and Miami glamor.

The fashion show line up will begin at 7pm, following a luxury pop up shop, gifting suite and VIP cocktail, which will begin earlier in the evening at 5pm on both July 13th and 14th.

Miami Swim Week is the largest swimwear fashion week in the world. The Planet Fashion event will highlight trends in international swimwear. Brands are showing from Asia, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, The Caribbean, South America, North America, Bulgaria and Africa.


Based in Miami Beach, FL, Planet Fashion TV is produced by Sea Star Films, a full-service commercial, TV and event production company. Planet Fashion covers the exclusive world of luxury fashion in NY, Paris Milan and London, then goes beyond that to reveal undiscovered talent, beauty and trends in Africa, India, Russia, Scandinavia, Asia, Latin America and beyond. Planet Fashion is an unscripted show hosted by Celia Evans. Segments cover international style, beauty, music and fashion. There are 30 half hour episodes in HD and 4K. Planet Fashion TV can be found Internationally on ABS-CBN, The Filipino Channel, Lifestyle Network, Myx, The Beach Channel, Barcelo, CableVision del Caribe, CMET, Cablemax, Iberostar MCR. In the past 6 years Planet Fashion TV has expanded broadcast globally and hosted luxury events at Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, The London Olympics, Art Basel, SwimWeek and Cannes Film Festival.

About Loews Hotel South Beach

Experience a reimagined, luxury escape like no other at the renowned Loews Miami Beach Hotel.  Located in the heart of South Beach’s vibrant Art Deco District, the resort – fresh off a $50 million redesign – offers guests an oceanfront haven where sophisticated style meets beachfront chic.  Wander to the hotel’s iconic pool deck, where direct beach access means the ocean is only steps away. Bask in the luxury of 790 beautifully designed guestrooms and savor the true flavors of Miami at four restaurants and lounges including Preston’s Market, Miami Joe Coffee Co., Bar Collins and Nautilus, in addition to the award-winning Lure Fishbar. Indulge in VIP treatment at SOAK Cabanas & Daybeds, with adult-only cabana options, or recharge at exhale Spa.  Additional amenities include a state-of-the art Kids Club, fitness center, premium shopping at Splash and Splish boutiques and 65,000 square feet of indoor/outdoor function space, accommodating groups of 10 to 2,700 guests.

MagChop Swimwear

MagChop swimswear is a unique new art-based brand that focuses on the artistry of the trending, nationally recognized collage artist Kenny Ruiz. The line, which launched this past year represents Ruiz’s experiences in the world of graffiti and street life. This dynamic new designer is merging the world of graphic art and design. The collection has elements of urban-meets-rock and roll. The MagChop collection can be seen at the Planet Fashion swim week fashion shows at the Loews Hotel on South Beach July 14th.

Kenny Ruiz grew up in Chicago’s Humboldt Park area. As a kid he grew up with gritty realities of Chicago street life. He became a graffiti artist and later a talented street artist. Having received awards for his artistry as early high school, his artistic future seemed evident. His background in graffiti evolved and he became increasing known for his collage work. Already re-known as an artist, his new swimwear line features fabrications from his fine art. Each original swimsuit is made of fabric that is replicated from one the designs of his art work.

Ruiz has been featured in magazines, newspapers, memorabilia, movie posters, book covers, galleries and television and radio shows. MagChop now has an Active wear line available along with the Swim line.


Akosha Swimwear designed by Anna Newsome is a contemporary art based brand that embodies class and sex appeal, designed with striking lines that contour the female form and gives a taste of an international feel. Akosha is made with their signature cuts of translucent vinyl along with scuba neoprene, and sport Lycra. The collection is flavored with electric colors of neon orange, hot pink, iridescent, and pristine whites. The vision of Akosha is to bring the future of bikinis to the present in every pool party setting. The bathing suits are hand crafted in Miami Florida and inspired by the sexy woman that thrives off the sun, sand, ocean, and opulent lifestyle.


Antigua Swim Wear Presents Their 2019 Collection

At Miami Swim Week July 13th at 7pm

In Antigua it is all about looking fresh and effortlessly elegant. The Venezuelan brand created by Silvana Isaacs, is timelessly chic and perfectly fits the body of every woman, regardless of their age. It is versatile, classic but has a Latin edge to it. The great fabric choices and flawless finishing to each piece makes Antigua the must have of your #EndlessSummer


LION + WILD is a swimwear line that boldly aims at pushing past the norm and bringing out both your flirtatious and wild side. Created in 2018 by Heather Hilliard, a North Carolina native who moved to Miami to study Fashion Design at Miami International University of Art & Design. Living in Miami for six years, she loved how different and yet widely accepted the fashion world was there and wanted to create something that she felt was missing in swimwear. Being original and unique is the ultimate goal.
Her style has always pulled from an androgynous place – playing with both feminine and masculine vibes. Blending both in her designs, you’ll see trends such as ruffle details mixed with sporty racer backs, or rash guard tops with cheeky cuts. She feels you can be sexy and flirty while still having a little bit of a tomboy flair.
NEON GALAXY CASTAWAY the mood of her 2019 collection of bright colored styles and will later include a BACK TO EARTH addition in the same styles, that will be available in four solid earth tone colors.
Her unique and gorgeous collection will be unveiled July 13th at her fashion show at Miami Swim Week at Loews Hotel.